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Land clearing is a means of preparing land for new construction. Land clearing can be accomplished by hand or with heavy equipment. Ocala Land Clearing will be able to help!


Brush Mowing

Brush mowing services are a great way to get rid of unwanted grass, weeds, and other debris on your property.


Land Surveying

Ocala Land Clearing can provide land surveying services to help you accurately map your property and identify any potential issues.


Forestry Mulching

Forestry Multching is a vital part of any forestry management plan because it’s used to maintain healthy soil and protect the environment.


Dirt Work

Ocala Land Clearing can provide land surveying services to help you accurately map your property and identify any potential issues.


Land Clearing Services In Ocala, FL

While there are many types of land clearing that Ocala Land Clearing does, the most common type is tree removal. Trees can block sunlight from reaching plants below them and make it difficult for animals to find food. By removing trees, we help to improve the environment and create a healthier living space for all who live in or visit Ocala. Additionally, land clearing can help to create new land, making space for new growth and development.



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Our Land Clearing Process

Here is a basic breakdown of Ocala Land Clearing work process, whether its land clearing, land surveying, or forestry mulching!


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Frequently Ask Questions

Mulched material has numerous advantages. For starters, it will act as an erosion barrier. You will be able to use your land immediately, and the mulch will enrich the soil. This will allow grass to sprout immediately. Grass can then be kept in check by mowing.



Any time! Call Ocala Land Clearing right now to get started. (352) 290-8942.



Yes, if you want to keep certain trees when we perform our land clearing job, we can work around them.



The majority of the trees are shredded into mulch, which can be spread across the landscape or removed, depending on the needs of the area. Larger trees can also be harvested for timber.



No, there are no additional or hidden costs for fuel.



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